Teacher Recommendation

The Magnet Academy services students who are meeting or exceeding standards and performing on or above level in the classroom. Students should be interested in math, science, and technology and embrace academic challenge. Students need to be able to problem solve, collaborate appropriately, and work independently.

The information that you provide will help us make important lottery qualification decisions. Thank you for your time and input.

Student Information


Teacher Information


Student Recommendation

Please rate the students in the following areas (1 - low, 4 - high)

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    Never Seldom Frequent Almost Always
  • Student is interested in math, science, and technology
  • Student can successfully work independently
  • Student can successfully work in collaborative groups
  • Student demonstrates persistence/perseverance through difficult academic tasks
  • Student demonstrates appropriate social/emotional skills
    (ex: gets along with peers, follows classroom rules, accepts feedback in an appropriate way)

Additional Comments

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